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What is
The Fyr Garden?


Walking through the Fyr Garden leads you on a trail of fire and light, through parks, woodlands or beautiful landscapes, on your way encountering musicians, artists and performers who will entertain and amaze!

From the small, jewel-like fire cans lighting your path, to the intricate fire boxes appearing around corners and majestic brazier stacks seen from afar, the warm glow and flickering light of the flames creates a magical atmosphere as you follow the trail.

Every Fyr Garden is unique - you might come across fire dancers, jugglers, solo musicians or an entire band roaming the path, bringing delight to audiences of all ages. Watch carefully and you will see the Fyr Gardeners quietly tending the flames behind the scenes, keeping this mystical world burning bright in the darkness.

How Does It Work

The Fyr Garden is uniquely tailored to each venue, meaning no two events are the same. Trails can be held in parks, gardens, town centres, church yards, and are suitable for small or large scale locations. 

The Fyr Garden is bookable as a standalone event or as part of a larger package of workshops and community engagement, produced and managed by Jamie Hawker.

See our previous and upcoming events on the 'shows' page for inspiration and get in touch to discuss your ideas!

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